Stand out from your competition with pricing intelligence

You can focus on the decisions that matter.

Use our online dashboard

Browse through pricing data, reports and analytics on your personal portal accessible anywhere.

Connect to your software

Online prices will be dynamically updated based on smart rules that implement your desired pricing strategy.

Create an API integration

Build a custom API integration to leverage our high-quality data for your specific business needs.


Track any competitor at any time

Monitor your competitors' prices with minimal effort. You can track a store directly through its website, through price comparison sites (e.g. Idealo, Google Shopping), or even individual merchants in marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, eBay). Explore market prices across categories and brands, identifying opportunities to take action.

  • Monitor any country or currency
  • Flexible frequency of price updates
  • In-site analytics browser extension

Drive sales & profit

Being competitive is important but having the cheapest price is not always the right strategy. You must balance having a competitive price and a sustainable price. Our dynamic pricing solution combines competitive info and other data-sets you may have to optimize your online prices with smart rules.

  • Base your pricing decisions on data
  • Integrate with your e-commerce platform
  • Use our RESTful API in your own application

Understand your market

Analyse competitor strategies during critical campaigns such as Black Friday. Attend your meetings with WisePricing data and customized reports to support your strategic decisions.

  • Extensive data history
  • Anticipate campaigns
  • Insights through Alerts and Reports

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