Let actionable insights drive growth for your brand

Manage your reseller network efficiently and ensure healthy margins for all.

Use our online dashboard

Browse through pricing data, reports and analytics on your personal portal accessible anywhere.

Download for local use

Export pricing data, reports in Excel/CSV formats for further analysis and sharing with colleagues.

Create an API integration

Build a custom API integration to leverage our high-quality data for your specific business needs.


Monitor MAP & MSRP prices

Is non-compliance with MAP creating friction with your existing retail partners? Monitor the MAP/MSRP prices of your distribution channel in any region, avoid price wars and aggressions in your channel. Spend more time selling, less time monitoring prices.

  • Secure vision for your branding
  • Easy MAP violation screenshots
  • Detect destructive pricing behaviours

Track any retailer at any time

Monitor distribution channels with minimal effort. You can track a store directly through its website, through price comparison sites (e.g. Idealo, Google Shopping), or even individual merchants in marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, eBay). Explore market prices across categories and brands, identifying opportunities to take action.

  • Monitor across regions and currencies
  • Flexible frequency of price updates
  • In-site analytics browser extension

Understand your market

Attend your meetings with WisePricing data and customized reports to support your strategic decisions. Analyse past events and price-behaviour to gain a deeper understanding of your market and network, and create strong brand positioning.

  • Insights through Alerts and Reports
  • Use historical data to spot trends
  • Gain time on reporting to management

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