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We help you get the market visibility needed to make smart, data-driven retail decisions. This is how top retailers get their pricing right.

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Monitor competitor prices

Monitor competition prices and stock information in any country, language or currency. High level of data precision and coverage.

Outsmart your competition

Our repricer generates intelligent pricing recommendations for optimizing sales and margin based on past data, smart rules and AI.

Understand your market

With your analytics portal consuming the latest competitive data, you'll always be seeing the complete picture.

Ensure MAP compliance

Get immediate visibility of MAP violations and ensure pricing and merchandising compliance across your entire network of resellers.

Hassle-free reporting

Gain time on daily reporting to management, with ready to download reports in spreadsheet format.

Monitor the market

Leverage data to spot trends, evaluate historical prices and get a whole picture across regions and currencies.

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Connect with your e-commerce platform

Automate your pricing decisions by using our software integrations and RESTful API.

Powerful data at your fingertips

Scaling up your intelligence

Monitor any site in your market. Thanks to proprietary technology that we are using, WisePricing can monitor websites while avoiding IP bans, CAPTCHAs and other methods of blocking non-human traffic.

Up-to-date data, for your business

WisePricing provides fresh data-points and analytics as often as you need.

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Easy for your team

Cloud based

No installation, hardware or hosting required. After we get you set-up, simply log on your online portal.

No more tedious work

A person can collect around ~130 prices per hour by hand. WisePricing can gather data on millions of products each day without ever making a mistake or taking a sick day.

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